From the top – a creative journey

A few months ago, more like 12, I attempted to start reading The Artist’s Way. The trip -so to speak- had a rocky start and wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. There was always something that bumped the priority of my morning pages down. I am glad to be starting again; I really missed the clarity and perspective that morning writing brings to my life. There is something special about taking the time to form words on the paper, an activity that leads reflection and surprisingly to unexpected answers and uncomfortable questions. Whenever possible I use a disposable fountain pen as I feel it helps me focus more.

One of the topics that has been recurrent in my writings was the need to explore producing. From micro movies -such as– to shorts, and features. This is something that I’ve postponed for too long and now may be the right time to start.

Going back to the book, it is a long journey that will take several months; and by means of this post, I’m entering into a contract with myself to go through this process. Thanks for taking this trip with me.