Past Work

Copyright (c) Santos Creations, LLC, dir. Terrence Jeffrey Santos
Empty (2016) Short, Drama | 22 June 2016 (USA)


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Middle of The world

Copyright (c) Raúl E. Peyret, dir. Raúl E. Peyret


Director: Jeremy BergWriter: Chris Joseph TaylorStars: Kelly Sullivan, William Shockley, Raúl E. PeyretSummary: A crafty casino security officer is swallowed up by the seedy underworld of her small town as she searches for the man who allegedly raped and killed her teenage daughter.

Cashing Out

Cashing Out (2015) Short, Drama | 15 June 2015 (USA)


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Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz

Raúl Peyret in "Anna in The Tropics".

Winner of the 2003 Pulitzer Prize, set in Ybor City, Florida, in 1929. Here, a cadre of Cuban-Americans, primarily female cigar factory laborers who hand roll each cigar await the arrival of their new lector, Juan Julian. The lector serves to entertain the workers by reading great stories. Most of the group is overjoyed by the presence of this new, handsome lector, but when he starts reading from the Russian classic, Anna Karenina, the scandalous lives of Tolstoy’s characters start to intertwine with the lives of his listeners. As Juan Julian reads, the hot, humid Florida summer strangely starts to resemble the cold Russian winter of Tolstoy. Infidelity, money problems, and violence spring to the surface as the owners and workers grapple with their new found understanding of life, love and business.

K2 by Patrick Meyers directed by Susan Bradford and produced by The Original Theatre Black Dog

This was perhaps one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever worked on, where extreme character vulnerability and real technical ice-climbing situations shared a tiny ledge on stage. This is an interview by the SnoValleyStar newspaper.