Home(sick) – The Movie

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Home(Sick) - The movie
Home(sick) – The Movie

PROJECT TITLE & TYPE: Home(sick). Shortfilm (25 mins).

PRODUCTION DATES: Shoot 4-5 days Fall 2023.

FILMING LOCATION(S): Seattle, WA; Córdoba, Argentina and possibly Mina Clavero, Argentina.

UNION STATUS: Non-union.


When a tragic event shatters his American dream, a disillusioned immigrant returns to his homeland only to find himself an outsider, until a serendipitous encounter gives him a new perspective on home and belonging.


[Felix] (Supporting)

Seeking a female/transgender/non-binary actor/actress (25-35) of Eastern European, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mixed Ethnicity or white descent. Ideally based in Argentina or Seattle and willing to travel. Open for submissions from the US or from US actors abroad.

Felix is a FTM pre-transition trans man who often gets mistaken for a woman. They struggle with their identity and sexuality as they generally attract both genders. Felix meets Alex, a fellow expat who has returned to Argentina after 20+ years in the US. They bond over their past traumas and their quest for answers.

Felix grew up in Alabama, in a conservative Mormon family that rejected their true self. Felix faced discrimination and oppression from their community and the state laws that regulated their life choices. Felix moved to Argentina to escape their painful past and find happiness.

Felix is grounded but optimistic, has a strong sense of humor and resilience. They are curious and adventurous, yet long for acceptance and love.

In their day to day, Felix can switch from wearing loose clothes to something more fit as part of his struggle to fit in. Felix has short hair/buzzed cut.

Reference: Elliott Page or a feminine version of Evan Peters.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Passport valid with expiration date April 2024 or after. Must speak native Standard American English with no accent. Some minimum Spanish would be beneficial.

STUNTS/NUDITY/INTIMACY: Implied sex scene, no nudity.


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Accerts Productions

PRODUCER: Raúl E. Peyret

DIRECTOR: Raúl E. Peyret


SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: https://forms.office.com/r/mwNxDerMD9